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Wedding Valet Parking

There are different mindsets when it comes to what are absolute necessities for a wedding and what should be considered luxury items. But when it comes to deciding whether to hire a valet parking service for your wedding reception, we have to say that it fits into both the luxury and the necessity category. Don't you want all of your guests to be treated like royalty? We know that you do. Also, with a valet service, they will have the knowledge that their vehicles are safe and secure while they are enjoying your wedding festivities. We realize that you have probably never hired a professional valet service for an event so you may not even know where to start in your search or what to look for. If this is the case, do not worry, we are here to help you as much as we possibly can. There are some exceptional valet service companies in the Minneapolis area. Below we have provide you with a brief guide of sorts to help you in your search and in what you need to find out in order to be certain that you are hiring the company that will service your wedding professionally and to your satisfaction.

The first step is to find some quality candidates in the Minneapolis area One source that can really yield some fruitful results is asking your family, friends and coworkers about experiences they have had. Maybe one of them as been to a wedding or an event that offered valet services and everything ran very smoothly. If so, you will want to find out what the name of the valet service was and start making a list of candidates to check out. You can also do a Google search for “valet services in the Minneapolis area.” And don't forget about your wedding vendors. Vendors that are in the wedding services business usually have numerous contacts and connections of all types. They will probably know of some reputable service providers in your area. Once you have a number of candidates that you are satisfied with, you will want to start checking out each one. Lookup online reviews on each company on your list. If you do not see any red flags, contact them and setup a meeting where you can talk about your wedding needs and what they can possible supply in the way of valet service. One of the first topics that you should bring up is their experience. How many years have they been providing valet service to customers? Do not take this lightly. If you see a proven track record of service and they have been in business for a number of years, there is a reason. Badly run companies do not usually stay in business for long. How much will their fee be based on the number of guests you will be having and the number of attendants they need to provide? Some valet companies charge per hour while others will charge you an amount per attendant they provide. And speaking of attendants, find out how intense the training program is for their employees. Is there an emphasis on safety and customer service in their corporate culture?

It is always a good idea to find out if they are insured and licensed. Once they know how many guests you will be having, ask them how many valets will be provided? What if you want to have additional valets on site? Sometimes this might give you peace of mind so it doesn't hurt to ask how much that would cost you? You want to have a discussion about what the parking is like around the venue. If possible, bring pictures of the parking lot so they can assess what you will need in terms of setup. Of course, you will need to talk to them about the time frame that the valet service will be needed.

You definitely want to ask what will happen in case of inclement weather? If it rains, will the attendants be at the ready with umbrellas? This would be an important detail because you don't want your guests getting soaked on their way into the venue. The same goes for the winter. If your wedding is in the winter, will the valets have shovels and scrappers available. These are the details that a reputable service attends to. What about a place for your guests to wait for their car? Ask for references. All of these answers should help you in making your final decision.

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