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A destination wedding is one of the greatest events that you will have in your life. And that goes for your guests as well, especially depending on where the wedding is being held. The only problem is that they are a lot of extra work and there are a lot of details to keep up with. You most certainly have a lot of questions and you need answers. In fact, depending on how deep you have gotten into the planning, you will quickly discovered that there are numerous issues and challenges that are unique to destination weddings. And you know what that means for you, stressful times. And that is why we highly recommend that you make it as easy on yourself and your guests by hiring a travel agency to handle all of the details of airline tickets and hotel rooms and attractions to enjoy. Keep in mind that this is their business, they know destination weddings like the back of their hand. So, let them do all of the legwork and get everybody to your wedding destination safely and in order while you move onto other worries like enjoying your special day. But we warn you, not all travel agencies are made alike, you need to find a reputable and quality agency that will give you complete confidence that they cam follow through with what they promise. Heed the guide below and take your time as you search for a travel agency in the Minneapolis area.

If we could say one thing about a destination wedding, it would be that it is all in the details. And depending on the number of guests that will be coming, it can get very complicated very quickly. Again, we are just pushing you that much closer to checking out some travel agencies as quickly as possible. If you were just planning a trip for you and your fiance, there would be no worries. But there is no way that you have time to even begin to set something up of this magnitude. Your first task is to come up with some travel agencies in the Minneapolis area to consider. One of your best sources is near and dear to you. Start asking your friends, family, and coworkers if they have ever used a travel agency. If they talk positively about their experience, get the name of the agency and put it on your list for future reference. Another potential source is to do a Google search for “travel agencies in the Minneapolis area.” If you have hired any of your wedding vendors, ask them as well. Most wedding vendors that have been in the business for any length of time have a lot of contacts and there is a good chance that they know someone in about any industry that might be even remotely wedding related. Once you feel like you have a great list of quality travel agencies to check out, start calling or emailing them in order to setup a meeting to discuss your wedding travel needs.

You definitely want to go to each meeting prepared with information about your wedding and with questions for the representative of the travel agency. One of the first things that you want to discuss with each travel agency is how much you can afford or if each of your guests will be paying for their own tickets, how much they can afford. This is a big commitment for your guests so you certainly want to keep how much they will be paying to a reasonable amount. You should sit down with your fiance and figure this out. Talk to the agent about this and see what can be done to obtain some much needed savings. Have a discussion about how long your guests will be staying and how is the best way to handle it if some of your guests wish to stay longer. Talk a bit about how long they have been in the travel agency business and how successful they have been. Have they booked a lot of destination weddings? How many large groups have they worked with? Make sure they are certified in the travel agency field? More than anything just make sure that they are experienced and have been in business long enough to show they know what they are doing.

Talk about what the agencies fees will be. Also, have a discussion about kind of savings they can get for you because of their connections. Should all of your guests stay at the same hotel? What about travel insurance? It would be nice if your guests were provided with a booklet of attractions and amenities so they can enjoy some other activities other than your wedding while they are there. And your guests will love you for this extra touch. In the end, go with the travel agency that you feel the best about in terms of them being able to do the job competently.

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